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In 1934 the Parliamentary Press Gallery opened the exhibition ‘Parliament Houses of the Empire’. This brought images of parliament buildings from across the world to the Palace of Westminster. It was opened by then Speaker of the House of Commons, Edward Fitzroy and created by previous chairman of the Press Gallery, Sir Emsley Carr. To celebrate Commonwealth Day 2022, these historic images are brought together again in this online exhibition.

Parliament Buildings in 1934

These historic images capture parliament buildings from countries around the world in 1934. Many of these countries and cities have since changed their names. There are several countries with multiple buildings represented in the set.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons said;

Within my own Parliament building I see a vast community of people working together under one roof. I know that this display of Parliament buildings not only shows off brilliant architecture from around the world, it also represents the people who work each day towards our shared goals across the Commonwealth and the globe.

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