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Welcome to the website for UK Parliament’s Heritage Collections.

Our Heritage Collections include the Parliamentary Art Collection, the Historic Furniture and Decorative Arts Collection, and the Architectural Fabric Collection.

We hold over 26,000 objects ranging from the medieval period to the 21st century, which help to tell the story of Parliament.

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Some objects from the Parliamentary Art Collection are available to buy online as prints. Take a look at the range of artworks available, including unframed, framed or canvas prints.
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Read about the recent activities of the Heritage Collections team and the development of our collections.

Online Exhibition

Big Ben: Around the Clock

Big Ben is an iconic part of the London landscape as well as a visual metaphor for British politics. Parliament’s Heritage Collections contain many representations of, and responses to, Big Ben. In this online exhibition, take 12 stops around the clock to find out more about Big Ben, from its predecessor to its 21st century restoration. 

Image: Detail from ‘New Westminster Bridge General View Thomas Page, engineer’, about 1850, Print by an unknown artist published by Smyth & Co, WOA 1894

Online Exhibition

Folio 400 - Finding Shakespeare in the Palace of Westminster

Have you ever noticed Shakespeare’s influence on the Houses of Parliament?

From the stage-like qualities of monumental wall paintings to cutting satires, in this online exhibition we’ll share where you can find Shakespeare’s influence in the Houses of Parliament today. 

Image: King Lear Disinheriting Cordelia, John Rogers Herbert, Fresco Painting, 1850, WOA 2884