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Welcome to the website for UK Parliament’s Heritage Collections.

Our Heritage Collections include the Parliamentary Art Collection, the Historic Furniture and Decorative Arts Collection, and the Architectural Fabric Collection.

We hold over 26,000 objects ranging from the medieval period to the 21st century, which help to tell the story of Parliament.

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Some objects from the Parliamentary Art Collection are available to buy online as prints. Take a look at the range of artworks available, including unframed, framed or canvas prints.
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Read about the recent activities of the Heritage Collections team and the development of our collections.


Discover the Speaker's State Coach

The Speaker’s State Coach is an iconic work of art and an important piece of Parliamentary history. In this story, we follow the coach for over 300 years and take a close look at its design and imagery.  The Coach is now cared for as a heritage object, the earliest surviving English coach in the United Kingdom. It is on display in Westminster Hall until October in celebration of King Charles III’s Coronation.


Conservation in East Corridor

Spring 2023 saw a major landmark in efforts to conserve and protect six historic wall paintings in Parliament. You can read more on our story about conserving and glazing two of these works.