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If you would like to use an image of an object in Parliament’s Heritage Collections, we can help you.

All images on this website are subject to copyright. Depending on what you want to use the images for, there are different rules.

For personal use, education or private research

You may use images from this website without seeking permission, if:

  • you are using an image for private research, which is not shared or displayed publicly
  • you are a teacher, using images under the ‘Illustration for Instruction’ exemption

For publishing or commercial use

A licence must be obtained from us for these uses:

  • reproduction on social media
  • reproduction on a website
  • in academic writing
  • in published works
  • in film, TV or other media
  • any commercial use

Get a Licence

To apply for a licence to use an image from our website, please download an application form. Email your completed form to

Charges for licences may apply, and third-party permissions and charges may also apply.

Further terms

Any other use of our images is prohibited, including but not limited to:

  • reproduction of any kind, in any medium
  • distribution of hard or electronic copies
  • storage in any medium including extraction into any other database, computer programme or website
  • public performance, broadcast, display or communication
  • rental, leasing or lending
  • extraction, manipulation, adaptation, translation or alteration of any kind

Orphan works

We have undertaken extensive copyright research into the objects in our collections. In some instances, it has not been possible to identify copyright holders.

Where we have been unable to identify the creator of an object in our collections, we have taken the view that, as part of a public collection, we will publish photographs of the object on our website.

If you have any information surrounding a work of art and its creator, please contact us and we will be glad to update and improve our records.

Where we have been able to identify a creator, but have not been able to contact copyright holders, we have also decided to publish photographs of the object. Please contact us if you believe you are the copyright holder of a collection item.

Filming and Photography at Parliament

Filming and photography on the Parliamentary estate are controlled. Read about where you can take photographs, and how to apply for a licence for photography on the estate.

If you have an enquiry about copyright that is not covered here, please contact us by emailing