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OR WOA satire sugar slavery 5198-1-M

A colour print showing caricatured George III and Queen Charlotte sitting at a small round table with their six daughters. All hold cups of tea on saucers. George III, pictured on the left in profile facing his daughters to the right, wears a blue jacket and beige breeches, and holds his tea cup to his lips. The words ‘o delicious! delicious!’ rise with steam from his cup. The Queen is in the centre. She has a wide smile. Her speech bubble reads ‘O my dear Creatures, do but Taste it! You can't think how nice it is without Sugar: - and then consider how much Work you'll save the poor Blackeemoors by leaving off the use of it! - and above all, remember how much expence it will save your poor Papa! - O its charming cooling Drink!’ The daughters have unhappy and sulky expressions. Below the title is etched: 'To the Masters & Mistresses of Families in Great Britain, this Noble Example of Œconomy, is respectfully submitted.'