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GOTH – Designing Darkness. Objects loaned to Design Museum Den Bosch, Netherlands

Four objects from Parliament’s Heritage Collections are on loan to the Design Museum Den Bosch, Netherlands, for their exhibition, GOTH – Designing Darkness. The exhibition runs from 16th October 2021 to 18th April 2022.

Designing Darkness explores everything Gothic – from the origins of Gothic design in traditional European art, to today’s modern sub-culture.

From our Architectural Fabric Collection and Historic Furniture and Decorative Arts Collections, we have loaned a small set of objects showcasing the gothic design that can be found throughout the Palace of Westminster.

Three 19th Century objects designed by A.W.N Pugin, the mastermind behind much of the interior and decorative design within the Palace, are on display. The objects range from a large x-frame chair with detailed carving, to an example of the ceramic objects in our collections, to a weathervane from the exterior of the Palace.

The final object on loan was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who created objects for the House of Commons following its destruction during the Second World War. His 20th Century Gothic design is more simple, but continues to follow the scheme created by Pugin and Barry.

 Find out more about the exhibition on the Design Museum Den Bosch website.

October 19, 2021