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Our online exhibitions provide curated selections of objects, deep dives into the meaning of some of our most important pieces, and look at some of our most prolific creators. Select one of the boxes below to view an online exhibition, and dive into our objects and their stories.

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The historic furniture and decorative art collection contains around 1500 pieces of silver. Find out about some of the star pieces.
Click to view sir giles gilbert scott

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott

Items in our collections designed by the architect who rebuilt the House of Commons following the 1941 bombing of the Palace of Westminster.
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New Dawn

Mary Branson's art installation celebrates women's suffrage. Find out about the layers of symbolism in this major work of art.
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A.W.N Pugin

Some of the star items in our collections designed by the prolific designer Pugin
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209 Women

In 2018, 209 women had been elected to the House of Commons. Photographs of 204 of these women MP's were taken by 204 different women photographers.